Thursday, July 19, 2007

Miss Give Peace a Chance

Cindy Sheehan just couldnt give up the spotlight could she? It is very sad and disgraceful that she is still using her son's death to further her political agenda. She couldn't just fade away into obscurity, she now is threatening to run for political office if the President is not impeached. Its disgusting that her hatred of our President overwhelms any common sense she might have to realize that the only way we are ever going to have peace is to win this war. A little over a month ago, I was thrilled to hear when she retired as the face of the anti war movement to spend time with her family, but it appears that perhaps her family wanted nothing more to do with her since she made such a quick comeback.
Gathering of Eagles and other organizations are working hard to let this deluded woman know she needs to go back into retirement. She has been confronted in Columbus GA, and Charlotte NC where she wouldnt even get out of her car for fear of her safety. (Give me a break, we aren't stupid like those violent anarchist thugs you let hang out with your little antiwar minions, we are just making sure another side of the story is being heard) Her next stop on this little peace train is in Virginia on July 20th and there will be people... patriots waiting for her there too. For more information please visit

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