Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Why it means so much

The other day I was asked why I was promoting Gathering of Eagles so much and did I really think we could make a difference?

The answer, of course is a resounding yes!

A Gathering of Eagles is approaching Congress on September 10, 2007 to remind them that we no longer live in a September 10th world. The attack by Muslim extremists on September 11th 2001 changed living in America forever. Right now we are engaged in a struggle with extremists in Iraq with the same terrible mindset as those who killed 3,000 innocent Americans that fateful day. For that reason alone we must remain vigilant and take advantage of this one chance at defeating this Jihad against America and regaining stability and peace in our world by allowing our military the opportunity to finish their mission.

I am not generally a pessimist, but I think this time around we will only get once chance to get this right. Just something to think about, but what kind of message are we sending by folding and coming home? If our troops are forced to come home, this will be seen as an extremist victory that will fuel more and more attacks. If we leave now, we will just be opening Pandora 's Box to a bigger set of problems than we already face, with consequences that will make September 11, 2001 look like a tea party.

Even if the reasons for entering Iraq are no longer valid in the eyes of many; it doesn’t change the fact that we are there now and we have a job to finish. We must unite behind our troops, and we must finish the mission or face the consequences. Cutting off our troops funding now makes as much sense as sending firefighters to fight a fire and then cutting off the water and telling them to go home while the building is engulfed in flames and threatening to burn down the entire block.

I know people are tired of this war, I am tired of this war, but it must be undertaken to secure our future and stability in the Middle East. We must be strong and determined to finish this. Please give the surge a chance to work. We are seeing many positive results in just a few months time, and we need a little more time to make sure that Iraq is a stable as we can possibly make it

Our troops believe in their mission, and they want to leave with their heads held high, knowing that a future generation of Iraqis and Americans will enjoy the precious fruit of freedom because of their efforts.

The reason Gathering of Eagles can make a difference is because we are uniting as a group to make our voices heard. We can counter the voices of those who protest this war with our own voices of victory, we can give our troops the moral support they need, and we can stand up for what we believe in. .

Now you have a choice. You can sit by and watch our country lose this war and let the anti war crowd speak for all of us, and give the extremists the victory they desire…. or you can join us on September 10th by either going to Washington DC or sending a letter or make a phone call urging Congress to give our troops the funding, resources, and support they need.

You can also join us on September 15th in Washington DC by telling the anti war crowd that they don’t speak for us.

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